Swim in Animal Crossing: 5 Powerful Strategies for Beginners

swim in animal crossing

Embarking on an underwater adventure has never been more thrilling than with the swim in Animal Crossing feature, a welcome addition courtesy of the 1.3.0 Free Summer Update. There’s no better way to spice up your virtual island life than by diving into the azure waters that surround your picturesque sanctuary. Every swim you take provides not only relaxation but also an opportunity to learn about the wonders that lie beneath the waves.

Navigating the seas in the swim in Animal Crossing experience isn’t only for fun; it’s also a useful ability that every player should learn. Whether you want to add marine treasures to your museum collection or simply want to enjoy a relaxing escape from your everyday activities on the island, remember that the sea is brimming with possibilities. Equip yourself with the proper equipment, accept the rhythm of the tides, and allow the wonders of the aquatic domain to enhance your virtual voyage.

Essential Preparations to Swim in Animal Crossing

Before you begin your aquatic adventures and start to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is one major criterion you must meet: you must obtain a wet suit. This is more than just a piece of clothing in the game; it’s your passport to exploring the wide oceans surrounding your virtual islands.

The wet suit is unique in its design. Wearing a wet suit, unlike typical in-game attire, does not change your present outfit. Instead, it fits comfortably over whatever you’re wearing, guaranteeing that your character is ready for a swim without sacrificing your preferred style.

If you’re wondering where to get your hands (or rather, your character’s hands) on one of these to swim in Animal Crossing, there are multiple avenues:

  1. Nook Mileage Program: By redeeming 800 Nook Miles, players can get their hands on a wet suit.
  2. Daily Nook Shopping Selection: Every day, a varied design of the wet suit becomes available for purchase at the cost of 3,000 Bells.
  3. Nook’s Cranny: This establishment also stocks a distinct variation of the wet suit, priced at 3,000 Bells.

Donning a wet suit is straightforward once you’ve obtained one. Navigate to your inventory, find the wet suit, and equip it like any other piece of apparel. Another advantage is that it does not interfere with your current wardrobe. When you want to return to the shore in your usual clothes, simply remove the wet suit from your worn items list.

How to Swim in Animal Crossing

Once you’ve obtained a wet suit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’re ready to explore the game’s aquatic attractions. The immense expanse of the water is not only a lovely sight to behold, but it also serves as a playground for the athletes. However, there are some details to be aware of if you want to make the most of your water activities.

Initiating Your Swim in Animal Crossing

You may have explored your island several times, but the water provides an entirely different landscape. Position your character near the ocean’s edge to begin your swimming adventure. Then, with a single click of the A button, your character will smoothly fall into the sea. Swimming is controlled by the major movement controls in the game. In this instance, your character will be guided in the water by the left analog stick, just as it is on land.

Advanced Swimming Techniques

As you explore the ocean, you’ll notice two distinctive swimming styles:

  1. Gentle Glide: By default, your character adopts a leisurely swimming style that closely resembles the ‘doggypaddle‘. It’s calm, and serene, and allows you to take in the ocean’s beauty at a leisurely pace.
  2. Rapid Movement: If you’re in a hurry or chasing something, you can tap the A button repeatedly. This prompts your character to engage in a brisker, breaststroke-like motion. The subsequent boosts of speed allow you to cover a larger distance in a shorter span.

Exploring the Depths Below

The water is more than simply the surface; there is an entire universe beneath it! Simply hit the Y button to descend into the ocean’s depths. This initiates a 10-second underwater exploration frenzy for your character. When the timer runs out, your character will immediately appear for a breath of fresh air. Tapping the A button provides extra momentum for individuals who want to race through the depths like on the surface.

Remember that the sea in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is more than just swimming. The undersea realm is full of treasures and creatures just waiting to be discovered by adventurous players who want to willingly explore and swim in Animal Crossing. So, with these instructions in hand, immerse yourself in the aquatic activities that your island has to offer.

Diving from Elevated Points

Did you realize the thrill of diving into the sea isn’t limited to just the shoreline? With your wet suit on, several elevated structures around your island offer a more exhilarating plunge into the waters below. To initiate a swim in Animal Crossing, when you’re close to the water’s edge on one of these structures, just press the A button. Your avatar will leap gracefully into the waves. Here are some places where you can experience this thrilling dive:

  • Island Rocks: Found in various locales, especially towards the upper-left and upper-right sections of your island, these rocks provide a perfect spot for a spontaneous dive.
  • Natural and Terraformed Cliffs: These higher elevations, when adjacent to the sea, offer a more adrenaline-filled diving experience. The height provides a different sensation as you plunge deeper into the sea.
  • Island Piers: These wooden buildings serve more than just as boat docks. You can experience this excitement at two main piers: the one where Kapp’n anchors and the one near your island’s airport. When you stand on the ledge and click the A button, your character will dive into the waters below.

This diving element not only adds a dash of excitement to the game but also provides players with a quicker way to immerse themselves in the sea, ready to explore its depths or swim in Animal Crossing to their heart’s delight.

Animal crossing diving

Exploring the Ocean’s Mysteries

While the huge ocean that surrounds your island may appear to be a tranquil blue expanse from above, beneath its surface is a world full of surprises and wonders. The deep waters aren’t simply for relaxing swims; they also hide a plethora of marine life just waiting to be discovered.

In Animal Crossing, when you swim and dive into the ocean, you might expect to find hidden treasures like chests or sunken ships. However, the real excitement comes from discovering various sea species while you swim. Each time you swim in Animal Crossing, you can encounter different aquatic creatures, each more interesting than the last.

As you swim and explore underwater in Animal Crossing, you’ll find sea creatures that are valuable both for learning and for earning Bells. These discoveries can be donated to Blathers at the museum to improve the aquatic exhibit or sold at Nook’s Cranny for Bells if you don’t collect.

Scallops are a fascinating find from your undersea explorations. These aren’t just regular water animals; they’re the ticket to meeting Pascal, a sea otter who adores these mollusks. Pascal freely gives DIY recipes in exchange for scallops. These recipes are often associated with the magnificent mermaid set, which necessitates the use of pearls in their creation. During your diving excursions, you may also come across pearls, gleaming riches from the ocean’s depths.

In essence, the ocean that surrounds your island in Animal Crossing is a portal to an underwater realm full of discoveries and to interact with them we need to swim in animal crossing to reach them.

Animal crossing meeting pascal

Special Events or Challenges for Swimming and Diving Mastery

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, swimming and diving have added more than just relaxation; they’ve introduced new challenges and events. As players swim in Animal Crossing, they can achieve Nook Miles milestones related to underwater exploration and catch seasonal marine species. This new aquatic aspect offers numerous engaging opportunities.

Pascal, the thoughtful sea otter, is a highlight. He emerges when Animal Crossing players swim and dive for scallops. For a scallop, he provides mermaid DIY recipes or themed goods. Additionally, while swimming in Animal Crossing, players can search for limited-time aquatic species, which requires regular diving to find creatures available only in certain months. Nintendo’s future diving activities promise new underwater discoveries.

The real charm of Animal Crossing lies in player-created events and challenges. One might set up a deep-sea discovery challenge, cataloging every marine species found while swimming. For the competition, organizing swimming races with friends adds a fun element to island activities. Aquatic activities in New Horizons include swimming in Animal Crossing to earn Nook Miles, diving for uncommon species, and holding personal events.

Catching Marine Life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The sea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is more than simply a body of water; it’s a thriving ecosystem brimming with life. You’ll come across marine species waiting to be discovered as you travel these virtual waterways when you swim in Animal Crossing. But how do you save these underwater wonders? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on catching marine life when you swim in the Animal Crossing sea:

1. Spotting the Shadows: Keep a look out for the enigmatic moving black shapes beneath the surface while swimming in the crystal-clear waters. These aren’t terrifying sea monsters or lurking sharks, contrary to popular belief, but rather representations of marine organisms.

2. Diving Down: When you see a shadow, your next move is to dive underwater. To accomplish this, press the ‘Y‘ button. This allows your character to dive beneath the surface, bringing you closer to marine life.

3. Pursuing the Shadow: The evasive tactics of marine species are well documented. You must swim right into its shadow to catch one. While certain creatures may remain motionless, making a catch easy, others may scurry around, necessitating a chase. Tap the ‘A‘ button to accelerate and capture those speedy critters. This will allow your character to swim more quickly, increasing your chances of catching up.

4. The Capture: As you swim closer to a shadow and intersect its path, your character will automatically capture the marine creature. Some of these creatures can be quite elusive, especially the rarer varieties, so perfecting your swimming technique is essential. If you’ve familiarized yourself with the swimming basics previously discussed, utilizing the speed-up function will be of great assistance.

5. Resurfacing with Your Prize: After capturing a creature, your character will joyfully resurface, displaying the newly captured marine specimen. You can then contribute your item to Blathers’ museum, sell it, or keep it as a personal memento.

Ocean secret animal crossing

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Final Remarks

Dive deep into the waves of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a fantastic adventure. You’ll come across a variety of marine wildlife, fascinating characters like Pascal, and even DIY recipes that will add a touch of maritime elegance to your virtual abode while you swim in Animal Crossing. This feature not only broadens the scope of in-game activities but also symbolizes the excitement of discovering the invisible and venturing into the unknown in real life.

Indeed, life is often like the swim in Animal Crossing waters: broad, odd, and full of surprises. Remember the swimming techniques you learned here the next time you’re confronted with the vastness of life’s possibilities. Dive deep into challenges, be open to the unexpected, and remember that gems are frequently located beneath the surface. Persistence and curiosity, like in Animal Crossing, can lead to unexpected delights in our daily lives. Lastly find out more about deep sea creatures in Animal Crossing through its Fandom Wiki page.


Are there any in-game achievements or challenges tied to swimming and diving activities

Yes, there are Nook Mile challenges related to swimming and diving activities in the game.

Can other players visit one’s island and swim together during multiplayer sessions?

Yes, when players visit one’s island during multiplayer sessions, they can swim and dive if they’re wearing a wet suit.

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