Successfully Tame a Horse in Minecraft in 4 Proven Steps

tame a horse in minecraft

Having a horse by your side in the vast realm of Minecraft takes your gaming experience to exhilarating new heights. Consider this: whereas a player’s jump capacity is limited to one block, a horse allows you to conquer five blocks in a single bound. Furthermore, hilly terrains that are sometimes monotonous on foot become fascinating adventures when you ride a horse. However, you cannot simply climb on and gallop away; you must first tame a horse in Minecraft.

For those of you who are used to cruising through adventure games without incident, Minecraft has a surprise in store. To properly enjoy the excitement of riding into the pixelated sunset, you must first gain the trust of your equestrian companion. Tame a horse in Minecraft, and you’ll gain not only a faithful friend but also a competitive advantage in your gaming travels. Continue reading to learn how to successfully tame a horse in Minecraft and practical advice to improve your entire experience.

The Significance of Establishing Trust with Your Minecraft Steed

In the expansive universe of Minecraft, the bond between a player and their horse is quintessential for a seamless adventure. Much like real-world horse riding, a bond of trust and understanding is paramount to ensure a smooth and coordinated journey. In the game, this bond is symbolized by the taming process. Horses, with their wild and free spirit, aren’t naturally inclined to let just anyone mount them and gallop across the terrains. The act of taming isn’t merely a gameplay mechanic but a rite of passage that signifies a mutual understanding between the player and the horse.

While a player might be inclined to bypass this step and hop onto the back of a wild horse, doing so would be counterproductive. An untamed horse, unsure of the player’s intentions, is likely to throw the player off, potentially leading to unnecessary injuries or setbacks in the game. More than just a mode of transport, a tamed horse can become an adventurer’s trusted ally, ensuring quicker traversal through diverse landscapes, providing an advantage over adversaries, and presenting opportunities to access areas previously unreachable. Thus, dedicating time to taming a horse isn’t just a task; it’s an investment in a future filled with enhanced gameplay experiences.

Prerequisites Before You Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Before delving into the complexities of taming a horse in Minecraft, it’s critical to understand the prerequisite tools required for a successful encounter. A saddle is one of the most important equipment in this endeavor. The saddle is an essential item that allows you to not only tame the horse but also ride it over Minecraft’s wide terrains.

1. Acquiring the Crucial Saddle:

Unlike many items in Minecraft, a saddle is a unique item that you can’t craft using regular crafting techniques. However, fear not, as there are alternative methods to procure one. As you journey through the expansive world of Minecraft, you’ll come across various chests, often hidden in dungeons, temples, or bastions. These chests sometimes hold the prized saddle, so always ensure to check any chest you stumble upon. Moreover, if you engage in fishing with a bit of luck and patience, there’s a chance to reel in a saddle as a treasure item. Trading is another viable option. Some villagers, especially the Leatherworker, offer saddles in exchange for emeralds, presenting a more straightforward approach if you have the required resources.

Acquiring the Crucial Saddle

2. Horse Armor in Minecraft

In the vast globe of Minecraft, gamers can not only outfit themselves with armor for protection, but they can also defend their faithful steeds. Enter Horse Protection Gear, also known as Horse Armor in the game. This sort of armor is specifically intended for horses and provides them with additional protection from threats and hazards. Horse Protection Gear is necessary for individuals who appreciate their equestrian friends, whether it’s defending against violent mobs, environmental harm, or other potential threats.

Obtaining Horse Protection Gear needs a different strategy than standard armor, which players can create using a crafting table. It is not craftable but can be found in numerous locations throughout the Minecraft universe. Players must embark on daring adventures to find this valuable artifact, which can be found in dungeons, temples, and strongholds. Each item of Horse Protection Gear has a distinct design that typically reflects the location or biome from which it was acquired.

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Furthermore, the armor is available in a variety of materials, including iron, gold, and diamond, with varied degrees of protection. Diamond Horse Protection Gear, for example, provides the highest amount of defense, making it a sought-after item among many players. To equip this armor on a horse, players must first tame the animal. Once tamed, right-clicking on the horse will reveal its inventory, allowing players to place the Horse Protection Gear in the armor slot, protecting their faithful companion on several journeys.

How to Successfully Tame a Horse in Minecraft

In order to tame a horse in Minecraft you have to master a process; it’s not as simple as hopping on its back and hoping for the best. It’s about understanding the nature of these in-game animals and establishing a connection with them. Let’s delve deeper into the process of how to tame a horse in Minecraft in order to ensure that your horse-taming experience is as smooth as possible.

approach the horse unarmed

1. Safety First – Put Away That Weapon

In the realm of Minecraft, even if a horse appears to be a gentle creature, you must approach it with caution. Hold no weapons or tools in your hand; a plain hand gesture shows the horse that you mean no harm. Holding weapons might not only intimidate the horse, causing it to buck you off but there’s also an unintended risk of harming the creature.

2. Initiate Interaction – The Approach

Steadily walk towards your desired horse. No sudden movements or jumps; be gentle. When you’re close enough, right-click (or the equivalent button on your device) to mount the horse. Expect some resistance at this stage, as wild creatures in Minecraft often show hesitancy towards human interaction.

3. Persistence is Key – Taming Temper

A horse’s temperament in Minecraft operates on a unique threshold system, ranging from 0 to 99. The higher the number, the closer you are to earning the horse’s trust the sooner you will be able to tame a horse in Minecraft. Initially, your attempts to ride might be met with resistance, leading to you being bucked off. However, don’t get discouraged. Keep mounting the horse multiple times. Observing the temperament indicator will help you gauge how close you are to succeeding.

Expert Tip: While patience works wonders, you can expedite the taming process. Ever considered a horse’s favorite treat? Apples! Source apples by breaking oak leaf blocks; you don’t even need tools for this. Offering these delicious treats to the horse can drastically boost its temper. For an even quicker result, consider using golden apples to entice not just one, but two tamed horses, prompting them to breed when they display heart symbols.

apple hack

4. Ready to Ride – Gearing Up

Congratulations on gaining the trust of your new equine friend! Now, it’s time to saddle up. Access your inventory to equip the horse with a saddle or horse armor. Once done, you can either mount your horse to start your adventure or interact with its inventory to make further adjustments.

By following these detailed steps, you ensure a bond of trust and mutual respect between you and your Minecraft horse, making your in-game journey even more exhilarating.

What Comes After Taming

After successfully taming your horse in Minecraft, it’s time to start on adventures over various terrains and explore the vast universe. Riding a horse enables faster travel, allowing you to cover large distances in a shorter amount of time. Furthermore, the horse’s ability to hop over obstacles can make your exploration go more smoothly. Make sure you have a well-marked trail or at least recognized sights to guide you back home. Check on your horse’s health regularly. Exposing the horse to hazards over time can impair its vigor. Always have food on hand to renew its health, such as apples or hay bales.

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Cautionary Advice: Riding in Water

While journeying, it’s essential to be wary of water bodies. Horses, unlike boats, aren’t designed to traverse water expansively. If you find yourself approaching a river, lake, or any large body of water, it’s advisable to dismount and lead your horse across or find a safer path. Delving too deep into the water with your horse can lead to both the rider being dislodged and the horse sinking. In worst-case scenarios, the horse could drown, forcing you to go through the tedious process of taming another one. Additionally, in Minecraft’s aquatic environments, there are potential threats like drowned mobs which can target both the player and their horse. Always prioritize safety and plan routes that minimize encounters with water bodies.

tame a horse in minecraft

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Key Takeaways

The ability to tame a horse in Minecraft completely transforms your game experience. A tamed horse delivers a heightened sensation of discovery as you navigate the wide, pixelated landscapes, allowing you to cross large terrains, ascend hills, and leap over obstacles with ease unrivaled on foot. Once tamed, these magnificent steeds become more than just beasts of burden; they evolve into your adventure partners, providing a dramatic shift in how you interact with the Minecraft universe.

Yet, while the process to tame a horse in Minecraft might be filled with enthusiasm and anticipation, it’s vital to be conscious of their vulnerabilities, especially concerning water terrains. It’s simple to forget and ride your tamed horse into the water, but the consequences can be devastating. Water terrains can not only dismount you, but extended exposure can also endanger the horse’s life. By paying attention to such details and providing a safe habitat for your horse, you extend the bond you’ve created, ensuring numerous adventures in the blocky realms of Minecraft.


Can you tame a horse without a saddle in Minecraft?

While you can tame a horse without a saddle, you won’t be able to ride or control its movements until you equip it with one.

Are there specific biomes where horses are more commonly found?

Horses typically spawn in plains and savannah biomes, making these locations ideal for players looking to tame a horse.

Can I tame a horse if it has a baby (foal) with it?

Yes, adult horses can still be tamed even if they’re with their foals. However, foals cannot be tamed or ridden until they grow into adults.

What happens if my tamed horse gets injured? How can I heal it?

You can heal a tamed horse by feeding it hay bales, apples, golden apples, or sugar. Each of these items restores a certain amount of health.

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