17 Easy Minecraft Houses Every Player Must Try

easy minecraft houses

Minecraft provides a universe teeming with limitless opportunities for architectural marvels. However, not every player has the desire to construct large landmarks or elaborate palaces. Many people are looking for easy Minecraft houses that combine visual appeal with functionality. Such houses enable gamers to have a one-of-a-kind base without the time-consuming task of gathering large resources and navigating intricate designs.

While exploring Minecraft’s many environments, it becomes clear that easy Minecraft houses can be just as comfortable and protective as their grander counterparts. Adopting a ‘less is more’ mentality can provide unexpectedly elegant results. Gather resources near your starting location and let the biomes’ natural beauty influence your design. This ensures a rapid build that not only saves time but also blends in with the surroundings.

17 Easy Minecraft Houses You Can Make Today

Minecraft, a sandbox game known for its limitless inventiveness, allows players to create exquisite masterpieces, but not everyone wants to take on time-consuming construction projects. Recognizing the beauty in simplicity, we’ve collected a collection of easy Minecraft houses designed for people looking for a mix of practicality and aesthetics without putting in a lot of effort.

Whether you’re new to the pixelated world or a seasoned player seeking a rapid build to start a new adventure, these easy Minecraft houses options will ensure your base is both functional and visually appealing. From modern cliffside buildings to tranquil aquatic apartments, these simple-to-create constructions promise a safe and elegant domicile in no time. Dive in and find a new home that matches your Minecraft ambitions!

1. Contemporary Cliffside Abode

Perched at the edge of towering cliffs, the Contemporary Cliffside Abode offers a chic solution for those keen on a stylish yet practical dwelling in Minecraft. Constructed primarily from White Concrete blocks, this dwelling merges sleek modern aesthetics with the rugged beauty of the natural terrain. The tutorial, courtesy of a seasoned Minecraft player named Steve Innovator, provides a step-by-step guide on creating this impressive structure without draining an entire day’s worth of effort.

One of its standout features is the elevated pool area, perfect for refilling your Bucket or merely indulging in some leisurely splashes. From this vantage point, players can enjoy breathtaking views of the in-game landscape.

2. Basic Aquatic Residence

Embrace the serenity of water with the Basic Aquatic Residence—a floating abode designed for those who dream of a marine lifestyle. Crafted to sit gracefully atop any water body, this boat-inspired design seamlessly integrates aesthetics with functionality. Nexa, a well-versed Minecraft enthusiast, provides a swift tutorial to help players establish this waterborne base without the hassles of laying intricate foundations. The interior is intentionally designed to be minimalist, accommodating essential equipment like the crafting table, furnace, and a crafting station of your choice, all strategically positioned near the sleeping area. This residence embodies the essence of simplicity, ensuring players can swiftly set up a base amidst the tranquil waves.

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3. Subterranean Retreat

Diving deep below the surface isn’t just about mining; it’s also about creating a home that seamlessly merges with nature. Our Subterranean Retreat offers the perfect hideaway, easily built but not compromising on aesthetics. As demonstrated in a comprehensive guide by Folli, the abode integrates design and function with an emphasis on interior decor. The ceiling made of glass ensures you get ample sunlight during the day and a starry view at night. While the standard design suggests quad-entrances, you can easily modify it based on your preference. With this design, enjoy living below the surface, but with the utmost elegance and style!

4. Treetop Oasis

There’s something inherently magical about living amongst the trees, listening to their whispers, and being one with nature. The Treetop Oasis lets you experience that magic without getting too intricate. In a step-by-step guide provided by Ayvocado, players can master the art of crafting a Minecraft treehouse that’s both simple and enchanting. Regardless of the biome you’re in, this house adapts beautifully to the choice of wood you prefer. It brings a touch of fantasy to any Minecraft world, setting it apart from more typical structures. Enhance this treetop abode by adding a rustic bridge, connecting you to the wonders of your surroundings.

5. Mountain Retreat

Mountain homes, nestled among the undulating vistas of mountainous terrains, have always retained a special charm. TheMythicalSausage’s design in the video instruction is more than simply a house; it’s an embrace of nature’s raw beauty blended with the amenities of a modern dwelling. Starting with a mountainside or high slope as a canvas, this design encourages the artist to carve out an organic place that blends in with the environment.

The design emphasizes the harshness of the mountain while softening its sharp edges by mostly using Oak and Dark Oak blocks. The combination of these woods and the grey mountain stone provides a visually appealing contrast. The multi-leveled design, complete with strategically placed windows, provides panoramic views of the Minecraft world, ensuring you’re always connected to the outside. Furthermore, this refuge offers more than simply a pretty face. Its utility is obvious, as it allows players to immediately establish a protective, yet gorgeous base. This mountain getaway provides both protection and quiet, whether you’re enjoying the sunrise from your balcony or seeking refuge from the night’s creatures.

6. Mushroom Abode

With DaphneElaine’s one-of-a-kind mushroom house layout, you may go beyond the ordinary and into the world of the enchanted. Minecraft, a realm brimming with possibilities, invites players to abandon standard housing norms and explore the magical side of construction. The mushroom house, made of spongy Mushroom bricks, is proof of this concept.

This design is a love letter to every gamer who has ever fantasized about living in the deep canopies of Dark Oak forests or the elusive mushroom fields biome. Its curved construction, combined with the pastel hues of the Mushroom blocks, lends the setting an airy beauty. But it’s not simply the outside that draws you in; the interior has a comfortable and snug atmosphere reminiscent of woods fairy-tale legends. Including this design in your Minecraft world does more than just give shelter; it transports you to a world where every dawn is wonderful and every dusk holds the promise of untold tales. Your foundation turns from a simple structure to a story of wonder and enchantment.

7. Starter House

For newcomers to the vast world of Minecraft, setting up your initial dwelling can be daunting. But with the guide offered by Sv Gravity, initiating your adventure becomes much smoother. This house is not just a simple shelter; it encompasses the essence of a beginner’s progression. Designed with space efficiency in mind, it comfortably houses essential items such as chests, a Crafting Table, and a Furnace. An added benefit is its adaptability in terms of materials; depending on the wood types you come across, the house can exhibit varied aesthetic vibes. The structure ensures a balanced blend of functionality and visual appeal, making it a go-to for any player at the dawn of their Minecraft journey.

8. Duo Dwelling

Minecraft isn’t just a solitary endeavor; it often shines brightest when shared with a companion. Sv Gravity brings another masterpiece to the table, tailored specifically for pairs. This structure is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of two players, providing separate personal spaces while also fostering a sense of community. At the heart of the dwelling lies a Nether portal, granting both players easy access and symbolizing the shared adventures awaiting them. Its compact design ensures that even with two people working on it, the house can be built swiftly, letting duos dive into their shared exploits in no time. This design epitomizes the essence of co-op gameplay, blending functionality with the joys of companionship.

9. Compact Residence with Veranda

When starting again in the Minecraft universe, most players automatically seek out the first tree, quickly converting logs into valuable resources. If you’re one of these players, Cubey’s article offers a step-by-step approach to building a cute and charming cabin mostly out of Oak Wood blocks. It’s convenient because you don’t have to travel far from your starting place to obtain the supplies.

The structure begins with a 3×7 basic space, which is subsequently expanded by supportive pillars, forming the foundation of your home. The design’s centerpiece is its lovely veranda, which not only adds visual appeal but also acts as a quiet area to gaze out at the horizon and keep any roving hordes at bay at night. Consider adding a rich garden to the surroundings surrounding your new home, pulling inspiration from the different garden styles available in Minecraft.

10. Winter Retreat Cabin

Finding oneself in Minecraft’s continuously snowy biomes is like experiencing winter all year. If you like the look of this frosty scene, Balzy’s lesson will show you how to create a cozy and comfortable winter refuge. This small home was intended for ease of building and features a classic chimney, which sets the tone for warm and cozy interiors.

The architectural brilliance of the cabin is further enhanced by its use of Spruce blocks, which create a stunning visual contrast against the pure snow blanket encircling the terrain. Upon entering, one can’t help but fantasize about sipping hot cocoa by a raging fire, while the cabin’s warm embrace keeps the frost from outside at bay. So, whether you’re seeking a winter wonderland trip or just a peaceful spot in the snow, our chilly retreat hut is the ideal refuge.

11. Tower House

Many Minecraft players are inspired by the medieval age, with its gorgeous strongholds and grand structures. However, you don’t have to build a complete castle to get that regal sense. For this easy Minecraft houses selection, Sv Gravity’s video tutorial shows you how to build a simple yet elegant tower building. This structure can either be a noticeable addition to an existing hamlet or stand alone as a distinct construction. Observing builders build these Minecraft structures in survival mode provides essential insights into the real-time construction process, allowing viewers to envision the development in their own gameplay experience.

12. Jungle Tree House

Minecraft’s jungles, with their tall trees and rich flora, are a great setting for easy Minecraft houses, especially the elevated treehouses. Soboo’s design takes full advantage of this setting, resulting in a residence that blends in with its lush surroundings. This treehouse not only provides a panoramic view of the forest, but its open wall concept keeps you linked to the natural world around you. Whether you choose to ascend the tree to get to your home or swoop in with an Elytra for a stunning entry, this tropical canopy domicile provides a healthy balance of safety and nature immersion.

13. Cave Dwelling

Natural cave formations provide an unconventional yet beautiful option for easy minecraft houses to construct owing to its wide terrains. Smithers Boss’ guide explains how to transform a cave’s harsh interiors into an attractive two-story home. The emphasis is on preserving the natural character while incorporating modern conveniences. The ground floor merges the cave’s stony walls perfectly, offering space for daily necessities. An enchanting station with bookcases and glowing candles awaits one level below.

An important advice for adventurers seeking to replicate this setup in Survival mode is to make sure there is plenty of illumination. It not only creates an intimate atmosphere, but it also keeps the hidden dangers of Minecraft at bay. Accept this design and allow the earth’s embrace to become your sanctuary, all while enjoying the balance of nature and architecture.

14. Medieval Homestead

With this detailed look at designing a gorgeous medieval homestead, you can delve deep into Minecraft’s history-inspired architecture and its collection of easy Minecraft houses. Cubey’s tutorial transports you back in time, evoking the romantic spirit of the Middle Ages while making the construction process accessible to players of all skill levels. The home’s foundation is made of rustic elements like cobblestone and worn wood, and its look is reminiscent of rural abodes from ages ago.

With its sloping roofs and wooden beams, this small design ensures that even inexperienced builders can reproduce a realistic medieval experience. The interiors, with their warm fireplaces and timbered ceilings, transport you to a simpler time when knights and dragons were told by candlelight. Consider including a medieval texture pack to further enhance the homestead’s old look, immersing yourself fully in a world where history and fantasy combine flawlessly.

15. Modern Coastal Abode

If you’ve been thinking about adding a touch of contemporary design to your Minecraft world, particularly near the wide ocean biomes, the Contemporary Seaside Residence is an excellent alternative. This house was inspired by an inventive lesson provided by WiederDude.

The construction of this home necessitates the precise placing of blocks underwater. The use of Kelp to put the initial bricks aids in the process. However, given the aquatic environment, it is critical to be prepared for the difficulties of underwater building. To avoid sudden submersion catastrophes, equip yourself with a Turtle Helmet or any other protective gear charmed with Water Breathing. The Contemporary Seaside Residence, once built, will have a modern aesthetic that blends in with its aquatic surroundings, providing both protection and a panoramic perspective of the underwater environment.

16. Birch Haven

For those who find themselves surrounded by the white-barked trees of the Birch biome on their first day, the easy Minecraft houses ideas presented by Folli are a must-try. The Birch Haven beautifully utilizes the soft, pale wood of the Birch tree, offering a serene and warm atmosphere. The house features an intuitive stairway leading to a restful sleeping quarter, while the ground floor is perfect for a quaint farm setup. Its versatile design complements any biome, and with the addition of surrounding greenery, it’s truly a sight to behold. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Minecraft player, this abode provides both functionality and charm.

17. Contemporary Compact Residence

If you’re fond of modern architectural aesthetics but aren’t keen on building on precarious cliff edges, there’s a petite, more grounded alternative easy Minecraft houses available. The instructional video by Random Steve Guys demonstrates that even within limited construction spaces, innovation thrives. This design features an integrated basement, ideal for storing items in chests or for future expansion to develop your dwelling further. Its minimalist yet stylish bedroom offers a serene vista of the outside world. This proves that in Minecraft, size doesn’t restrict creativity, and even the most compact spaces can be transformed into sleek and inviting homes. Dive into this fresh perspective on modern living in the Minecraft universe.

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Final Remarks

While exploring the huge universe of Minecraft, it is clear that creativity knows no limitations. However, not everyone has the time to build architectural marvels. Thankfully, the appeal of Minecraft resides in its adaptability, which allows for spectacular constructions such as easy Minecraft houses without requiring hours of painstaking design. Players can easily incorporate their distinctive touch into the vast choice of easy Minecraft houses designed and displayed, making their in-game domicile a genuine representation of their personality.

Let us not forget the inherent importance of simplicity. By concentrating on easy Minecraft houses, players may quickly construct secure havens, giving them more time to explore, acquire resources, and enjoy other in-game activities. Creating a balanced Minecraft experience that prioritizes both construction and exploration encourages long-term engagement and enjoyment. So dig into these concepts, and keep in mind that a small start frequently opens the door for greater projects later on.

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